Well it’s summer 2012 and my good friend Greg and I have decided to take on this crazy feat of playing all of the top 100 public and private golf courses in the US according to Golf Digest 2011/2012 ranking. Crazy…. Right! I feel honored to chase down all these private courses with a good friend.

Greg has no idea how to blog and I am not much better but we decided that it was probably best that we chronicle our journey so we could remember all the crazy shit we had to do to get on these courses. Bare with us as we build the blog.  As we officially start this journey Greg has played 10 and myself 7, so we have a long road to tow. 83 courses are private and were guessing the most interesting aspect of our stories will be how we gained entrance.

The premise all kind of started a year or so ago when I told Greg I was trying to get a tee time at Pine Valley. I told him I would get him on with me. I doubt he believed me….I always like to shoot for the moon if you know me. So here we are summer of 2012 and we just got the call. 1:40 on 9.19.2012. Here we come Crump!



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